Why Invest in EDCO?

Why would my company get involved with EDCO?

Economic Development for Central Oregon is working to ensure the vitality of Central Oregon's economy and, by getting involved, you can help contribute to the long-term support of your business. 

Now more than ever, a diverse mix of industries will provide the jobs of tomorrow for the overall economic health and sustainability of the Central Oregon economy. In the face of sustained population growth, the region’s economic challenge is to create proportional numbers of new jobs. 


What Your Investment in EDCO MeansWatch this YouTube video to hear EDCO Board President Angela Jacobson talk about membership in EDCO and how it comes back to the business community.

If you would like to learn more about joining EDCO, please call Erin Reilly at 541-388-3236.  To download an application, click here.  

hat Does EDCO Do?

EDCO is a private, non-profit organization, funded by member contributions from both the private and public sectors. As such, we are not a department of local or state government, and do not receive any financial support for operations from the State of Oregon. Our members include private businesses within the region, cities, counties, institutions of higher education and other non-profit organizations.  

EDCO's strategy has three key elements: attracting primary employers from outside the area, helping existing companies expand, and growing jobs by assisting Central Oregon startup companies.

Primary Goals

EDCO has five primary goals:

  • Facilitate new job creation and capital investment
  • Champion strategic projects critical to economic development 
  • Balance/diversify the region’s industry mix
  • Be the Pacific Northwest's business information leader
  • Continue to improve the financial strength of EDCO

How can my company invest in edco?

A “pay for play” organization, members can support through the following options:  

Level Contribution
Platinum $7,500
Gold $2,500
Silver $750
Titanium $1,500
Bronze $250
Individual* $150
Financial Institutions $1,250

* Only independent contractors, individuals, and one-person businesses are eligible for the Individual membership category. 
** Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions set this rate as part of the two Board seats the sector has purchased on the board since 1997.

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