Natural gas

Natural Gas in Central Oregon

Natural gas is widely available throughout Central Oregon and is supplied locally by Cascade Natural Gas Corporation (CNGC) from the major Canadian transmission lines that cut through the region enroute to California. CNGC is available at 888-522-1130 or you may visit their website.

CNGC has embarked on a significant program of expansion and upgrades to further provide reliable gas service in Central Oregon. In 2007, the company completed three important high pressure main upgrades in Bend and Redmond which include:

  • 11,000 feet of 6-inch high pressure main on Knott and China Hat Road in Bend
  • 6,000 feet of 8-inch high pressure main on Simpson in Bend
  • 17,000 feet of 8-inch high pressure main along Hwy 126 in Redmond

In 2008, upgrades were made to gate stations with larger equipment allow flow of more natural gas in Redmond and Madras in 2008, having completed a full upgrade in Bend two years ago. The company is also looping existing high pressure lines with new larger capacity lines to ensure services to all areas. Future CNGC projects include:

  • West 4,000 feet of 8-inch main in Bend – 2009
  • Planning for more North end reinforcements in Bend
  • Continue West Bend reinforcements

CNGC's transmission infrastructure consists of two lines, 27 and 32 inches each. CNGC serves more than 42,500 industrial, commercial and residential users in Central Oregon. Below we show 2008 published rates for major categories of users. Also shown are rate schedules for larger users based on different service levels. Please contact EDCO at 541-388-3236 for additional information.

2008 Pricing by Category of User
Type of User Base Charge Per Therm Cost *
Residential $3.00 $1.20
Commercial $3.00 $1.09
Industrial $12.00 $1.05
Industrial, High Volume $12.00 $1.02
* One therm = 100,000 BTUs

Large Volume General - Firm Service
(Schedule No. 111)
All Therms Per Month: Rate
Delivery Charge $0.14617
Cost of Gas $0.91638
Temporary Adjustment -$0.05010

Large Volume - Interruptible Service
(Schedule No. 170)
All Therms Per Month: Rate
Delivery Charge $0.14617
Cost of Gas $0.91638
Temporary Adjustment -$0.05010

General Distribution System - Interruptible
Transportation Service 
(Schedule No. 163)
All Therms Per Month: Rate
First 10,000 $0.12143
Next 10,000 $0.10929
Next 30,000 $0.10253
Next 50,000 $0.06197
Over 100,000 $0.03016
Over 500,000
(moves to Schedule No. 164)
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